Weekend food finds

This weekend I had no time to cook, I was simply too busy indulging in exquisite cuisines. However, the good news is I took plenty of pictures. Friday I ventured to Kenwood to celebrate a friend’s birthday. As always, dessert comes first, therefore our first stop was Gigi’s Cupcakes.

After I pulled the very heavy door open I felt my heart smile as the entire place captivated every bit of my attention. I approached the brightly-lit cupcake display and admired the sheer creativity. I knew I could never settle on one flavor so I went with three: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Scarlett’s Red Velvet, and Wedding Cake.

photo 2-3photo 3-1

Wedding cake was the first to make my tastebuds tingle. It was scrumptious without a doubt, but it left me searching for more flavor. The next two flavors were so sweet that I immediately forgot about my initial disappointment. The cookie dough cupcake was so visually appealing I almost couldn’t bear to destroy something so enticing. The red velvet was unlike any I’ve had before and the icing could not have a reached a more perfect state.  Overall, I give Gigi’s an 8.5.

photo 4-1

After dessert we treated ourselves to a little taste of Italy at Maggiano’s. Inside seating was full so we were seated outside and I still cannot fathom why that was the secondary option, as it was simply gorgeous. As we sipped on raspberry lemonade and awaited our food we were able to watch hummingbirds flutter about under a twinkling tree. I chose Chicken Piccata, two breasts accompanied by capers and lemon butter with spaghetti aglio olio.

photo 5

Ringing in at $17.95, the dish was bursting with flavor. Unsure at first, I fell more in love with every bite. I’ll definitely attempt to recreate the Italian delight, with a little personal touch of course. Tori chose their classic pasta deal. They offer a list of pastas for which you pay a price of either $12.95 or $14.95 for two pasta platters. You eat one there and take the other home, a pretty impressive deal. I give Maggiano’s an 8: the food and atmosphere were delightful, however there was a 20-minute lapse between when we finished eating and when we finally got the check.

The next day I was able to go hOUme for just one evening and Maggiano’s had left me craving pasta. Always striving to satisfy my many cravings, Tristan treated me to Sol, a hole-in-the-wall traditional Cuban restaurant on Court Street. One of my favorite parts about Sol is journey to the door. As all Bobcats know, Court Street comes to life at night. Amid the laughter and dancing lights of the brick street you peek down an alley and catch a glimpse of glowing lights strung from the rooftops, ceasing only when you’ve reached the restaurant entrance.

The inside is as gorgeous as the streets that surround it. We took our order to go because someone spent too much time in Walmart once they realized it was tax free weekend, so we arrived ten minutes before they closed. We decided to share Picadillo Beef Pasta, mac and cheese, a side salad, and a half rack of baby back ribs. The pasta was by far my favorite. It was something unlike anything i’ve tasted before, definitely something i’ll recreate. The ribs were ribs, I don’t know if it’s possible to have bad ribs but they weren’t the best i’ve ever had, homemade or otherwise. I give Sol a 7.5.

photo 1-2

That’s all i’ve got for now,it’s time for me to enjoy some leftovers. I’ll upload a new recipe soon! In the meantime, treat yourself to something new and delicious.


One thought on “Weekend food finds

  1. Wow ! Sounds like you guys ate a lot of good food.You need to come visit me sometime.We go to a little place called ‘Cheesecake Please’ You would love it ! There are so many flavors that it is hard to decide.Oreo cookie is one of my favorites.They have a variety of sizes to.From small snack time to cheesecake on a stick.It looks like an ice cream bar.I bet you would give it a 10 !

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